Friday, August 14, 2009

Fountain of Youth

Since I detailed out Dylan’s deuce it is only right to blog about his adventures in peeing. Let’s start from the beginning. At the hospital Dylan had 24 hours from his time of birth to make water. 23 hours passed and still no blue line (the diapers have a yellow line that turns blue when they are wet). We asked the nurse, "what happens if he doesn’t pee?" She replied, “we will try to make him pee”. Holly asked, “how do you do that?” The nurse answered, “we don’t like to tell the parents that…let’s just hope he pees on his own.” After hearing this we were getting very anxious. We checked the diaper constantly. I wanted to give him some iced tea or something, but for some reason Holly wouldn’t let me. We had 10 minutes left until the 24 hour mark and then I remembered people saying that boys tend to pee when their diapers are off and the air hits the manhood. So I took his diaper off and sat him on the hospital bed on top a blanket. He laid there for a minute and nothing, so I leaned over and started blowing on it and almost instantly the geyser erupted! Holly and I high fived meanwhile Dylan was just squirming around peeing away all over Holly’s bed like a sprinkler irrigating the crops. For the next couple of days he did pee less than most, but not to an extent that was worrisome. Once we got home he was peeing regularly (Ha, I can’t imagine anyone caring about this stuff besides Holly and me). Anyhow, In Dylan’s room I put up woven grass wallpaper. I originally planned on the wallpaper being applied to the entire wall, but we changed our minds thinking that we should put up a chair rail and then paint from the chair rail to the floor so that the wallpaper doesn’t get messed up as easily. Well...Dylan was getting his second or third diaper change since being home and, I think you know where this is going, as soon as his penis was freed from its confines and tasted the fresh air he set his sights on that wallpaper and started christening. For a while that was the only pee between diapers, and we were quite happy. Laurie came over and she asked how he was about peeing when the diaper comes off. We told her the wallpaper story and that since then he hasn’t done it at all…5 minutes later he busted out the super soaker on us. Gotta love it!

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  1. This is like reading a novel. Can't wait until you write the next chapter.